House of Parmar
A Legacy of Innovation and Craftsmanship

"We are not just tailors. We build personalities." - Prakash Parmar, CEO

House of Parmar has opened, to the true contemporary gentleman, a world of sartorial elegance. Since its establishment in 1956, it upholds the title of the most dependable custom tailoring brand in the UAE.

It all started 60 years ago when Pitamber Parmar left everything behind and traveled to Dubai from Mumbai, India with just the craft of tailoring that he learnt from his elder brother. Embracing the dream to nurture a large and loving family, he set up a modest tailor shop in Bastakiya district and trained his youngest son, Prakash to carry on the legacy of tailors in the family.

We, at House of Parmar, are one of the very few in the industry who remain ahead of times in terms of innovation and technology. Our inventory management software, data storage technology and measurement tools are unique and advances, due to which we always have the first movers advantage in the market. Lead by 7th generation tailors today, House of Parmar celebrates the individuality of each customer. It harbors 3 unique made to measure brands under its umbrella: Bespoke, Parmar Tailors, and Suit Express, each fashioned to address all tangents of the tailoring industry.